MP3 Downloads: The Lonely H & Wolfram

Nashville’s the Lonely H just released their fourth full-length album, and it’s self-titled with an excellent song they’re sharing for free, “Love Her Anyways.” I’m always going to think of this band as a Northwest one (they’re originally from Port Angeles, Washington), but it sounds as if living in Nashville is treating them right.

Love Her Anyways.mp3

The Lonely H

Cover art for the Lonely H

I don’t care if these two Wolfram tracks came out a couple years ago. I’m going to share them. Austrian Wolfram’s 2011 release, Wolfram, included guest appearances by Haddaway and Hercules and Love Affair. And what do you know? Here they are!

Thing Called Love feat. Haddaway (Legowelt Remix.mp3

Fireworks feat. Hercules and Love Affair (Johan Ageborn Remix).mp3



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