Show Preview & CD Review: Ben Union Releases This Blessed Union Volume II @ the Crocodile, Sat. 1/12/13

Ben Union is one of the more eclectic rock bands currently calling Seattle home. They don’t just play kick-ass music, they put on a show. Join them on Saturday January 12, 2013 at the Crocodile as they celebrate the release of their amazing new album, This Blessed Union Volume II.

You can quite literally shake your ass to “Shake That Ass,” a funky number to kick it off right with multiple hooks and a killer chorus. It blends all out rock with dance floor pop, creating an irresistible concoction that goes down easy.

Second track, “Substanscene” is textured so thick it comes across at points as atmospheric; it’s a soaring song. “Angeles” is toned down a little and exposes their Incubus influence. The song is about nine-tenth Ben Union and one-tenth Make Yourself.

The balls-out rock of the closing track, “Rambo,” leaves the listener on an epic, intense and energetic high note. The guitar work is nothing short of awesome.

Catch Ben Union w/ The Fame Riot, Aaron Daniel + Special Guests at the Crocodile – 9pm January 12th. Advance tickets are $10. Special guest performers include Guy Keltner of the Fox and the Law, Shazam Watkins, Greg Floyd of Whiskey Syndicate, Matt Brown, Ayron Jones, Travis Barker of Elk and Boar, and more. . .
~Chris Senn



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