MP3 Downloads: Lewis Watson, Bear Colony & Ending People

I’m coming out of a small holiday hibernation to share some new music for the new year! Happy New Year!

Lewis Watson bases himself in London and looks very young. Okay, he’s 20 and out of his teens – but just barely. You can listen to his new EP, Another Four Sad Songs before you buy right over here; plus go ahead and download the song, “Even If” below. Lovely voice, lovely songs.

Even If.mp3

Lewis Watson

Bear Colony, described as a “patchwork artistic collective from the south consisting of anywhere between six & twelve members,” (maybe that’s just how they do things in Little Rock, Arkansas) shares “Flask Retort.” Enjoy the great song, which appears on Soft Eyes.

Flask Retort.mp3

Bear Colony

The last new song of the day comes from Ending People, a Denver quartet that released Fill Your Longs this summer. First track off the album, “Beat of My Heart,” is just gorgeous.

Beat of My Heart.mp3

Ending People – photo by Luca Venter


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