MP3 Downloads: Challenger, My Radio & Andy Burrows

I like the separate parts of Challenger‘s “I Am Switches” and “Are You Scared Too?” I also like the album cover for their LP, The World Is Too Much for Me, a lot. A New York trio – all Florida transplants – know a thing or two about cute animals.

I Am Switches.mp3
Are You Scared Too?.mp3


“Life is a Bitch Slap,” indeed. Who can’t relate, at times, to that sentiment from Virginia’s My Radio? Their latest album, Starts In The East, Falls In The West, is out right now.

Life is a Bitch Slap.mp3

My Radio – photo by Brett Lemon

Also here’s the brilliant title track, off Andy Burrows‘ solo album Company. Burrows, of Razorlight and We Are Scientists fame, worked with Mark Ronson on the album.


Andy Burrows


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