Show Review & Photos: Wolf Gang @ the Crocodile

Wolf Gang @ the Crocodile, 10/7
Show Review & Photos by Dagmar

The British band Wolf Gang headlined the Crocodile on October 7th. When I heard they were coming to Seattle I vowed there was no way I would miss this show. Wolf Gang, led by singer Max McElligott, released their wonderful debut album, Suego Faults in 2011. I’d heard another version of their excellent song, “The King and All of His Men,” a year or so ago, and remembered it. And waited for the band to tour the States. After numerous, compulsive listenings of the album, I was really excited to hear the songs live. The audience proved to be made up mostly of a large fan base who knew the words to all songs. It was good to know I was not alone in loving this band. I have a feeling the venues this band will play will just get bigger and bigger, and if all goes well they should get a perfect opening slot too, which will increase the States’ familiarity with the gorgeous and danceable Wolf Gang tunes. The band seemed genuinely touched by the crowd, and honestly happy to have been here. The set list was strong with songs such as “Lions In Cages,” “Stay And Defend,” “The King And All Of His Men,” and “Where Are You Now?”. I loved all of it. A few shows with Keane in the U.K. are set for November. Keep a close eye on these guys.

Wolf Gang

More Photos of Wolf Gang @ the Crocodile


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