Photos: Come As You Aren’t w/Panama Gold as Prince @ Skylark

On Saturday evening Skylark hosted its 6th annual Come As You Aren’t, an opportunity for local bands to cover some of their favorite artists. Well, I hope they loved the artists they covered. I suspect they did because every band who participated did an honestly wonderful and serious job. No one seemed to be there for a joke. After 12 bands played, it was Panama Gold’s turn to perform Prince tunes. And did they ever. And they won first place.

Panama Gold as Prince

One of the Evening’s Judges, Writer Matt Brown

Panama Gold as Prince Wins

The Torn ACLs as Morris Day and The Time

NighTraiN as R. Kelly

Sightseer as Fleetwood Mac

Gems as Kraftwerk

The Trouble Starts as Weezer

The Mangles as Thin Lizzy

Post Adolescence as Elastica

Mighty Shiny as Cheap Trick

The Riffbrokers as X

Julia Massey & The Jesus Rehab as Pearl Jam

Five Fingered Sasquatch Says Yay as XTC – all photos by Dagmar

More Photos of Come As You Aren’t @ Skylark


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