Videos: The Vaccines, Dan Black & Joe Jackson

Miraculous British band The Vaccines have a new album out called Come of Age – I’m listening to it right at this moment and freaking out at its greatness. The Vaccines hit the States at the beginning of 2013 for their very first headlining tour of our country, but for some reason there’s no Seattle date. I hope that gets sorted out as there’s a gap between a February 11th date in Denver and in Los Angeles on February 14th. I can dream, right???? I saw them open for Arctic Monkeys in 2011 and would so love to see them again. Their debut, What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?, took over my music listening for months on end. So, here’s a new video of their song, “I Always Knew.” Enjoy the ride.

The Vaccines‘ Justin Young – photo by Dagmar

Finishing this all English segment of videos, my beloved Dan Black released a new single, “RAW,” last summer. I did see Dan Black when he visited Seattle, and wish he would return. He put on a great show. Here’s Dan Black on the beach!

Dan Black – photo by Dagmar

One of Joe Jackson’s earliest videos was for the song “Mad at You,” off his third album, Beat Crazy. There’s something primal about a video with Joe Jackson at a plate of baked beans, eating said beans with knife and fork and singing these lyrics. And there’s definitely terror involved when Jackson stalks the flat’s hallway with butcher knife. This is simply one of the best videos made, and I wish there was better video quality available.

Joe Jackson – Mad at You by Pius35

Joe Jackson – photo by Geoffrey Gribbin


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