Show Review & Photos: YACHT @ the Paramount

YACHT @ the Paramount, 9/14
Show Review & Photos by Dagmar

The quartet YACHT opened for Hot Chip recently. It was my first time seeing the band, and I had looked forward to it. The group galloped passed my anticipation with a marvelous performance. I loved how they switched instruments, sharing duties on lead vocals as well. Whether it was Jona Bechtolt (who founded the band) or Claire L. Evans singing, each vocalist was a dynamic and super sexy front person. They’re also great together. The high quality of the music and performance sets them apart, and to have two fantastic lead singers is very, very rare. How pissed off am I that I have missed this band live for so long? My rage is high, yet my thrill at experiencing them, and knowing I will be able to see them again surpasses that upset. I am in love. Music fans are lucky to have this band’s music, including such songs as “Psychic City (Voodoo City),” “Dystopia,” “Beam Me Up,” “Paradise Engineering,” “I’m in Love With a Ripper,” and “Waste of Time” (cover of The Fabulous Stains).

The nice thing about getting into a band kind of late is being able to catch up – in this case I have 4 CDs that came about before 2011’s Shangri-La to enjoy. Also Yacht has its own show on Hulu, and soon will have another one on Amazon.


More Photos of YACHT @ the Paramount


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