Photos: Mudhoney & Ty Segall @ Bumbershoot

The Sub Pop stage at Bumbershoot saw some serious action this year with performances by bands such as Mudhoney and Ty Segall. Mudhoney had one of the wilder photo pits – nowhere to turn once in it, and photographers became one with the amps. But it was fun!!!!! Mudhoney also played one of KEXP’s special radio shows.

Mudhoney – photo by Kirk Stauffer

Mudhoney – photo by Nicky Andrews

Mudhoney – photo by Dagmar

Mudhoney – photo by Simon Krane

Ty Segall – photo by Kirk Stauffer

Mudhoney – photos by Kirk Stauffer

Mudhoney – photos by Nicky Andrews

Mudhoney – photos by Dagmar

Mudhoney – photos by Simon Krane

More of Dagmar’s Photos of Mudhoney @ Bumbershoot

Ty Segall – photos by Kirk Stauffer


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