Show Review & Photos: Hot Chip @ the Paramount

Hot Chip @ the Paramount, 9/14
Show Review & Photos by Dagmar

On September 14th Hot Chip and their fans turned the Paramount into one big dance floor. This show was the third time I have seen the English group live in Seattle, and I witnessed again how the band can create a sexy, symphonic disco.

Hot Chip

Hot Chip fans are really fun to be around. They know how to have fun. This should come as no surprise, but the atmosphere at the show was really great. From the start of show’s “Shake a Fist” to the encore’s “I Feel Better,” Hot Chip possessed the venue with a musical rollercoaster – not in a scary way, more in an excited way, full mind and body dominance way. What also brought on this dominance was the intense light show that went along with the performance. The whole thing tranced the audience.

Hot Chip

When I started to go through the songs while working on this review, to select what were my favorites, and you know what? I came up with nearly the entire set list. Hot Chip is one of the very best bands to come out of the last decade. Their fifth album, In Our Heads – the first of this decade – carries on the band’s steady, and always expanding musically trajectory. Songs from the new album that I especially loved were “Flutes,” “How Do You Do?,” and “Night & Day.” Hot Chip stands alone in the combination of their melodies, lyrics and stimulating vocals. As a live band they are focused greatness. They also did a wicked cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Everywhere.”

A big surprise for me, and many other long term Hot Chip fans, was the penultimate song of the night: the exquisite “Crap Kraft Dinner,” a song off their debut, Coming on Strong. It was overwhelming to hear this piece live. Stunning.

Also – observant Prince fans (which you probably are, by that I mean observant and a fan of Prince) will notice singer Alexis Taylor’s “Sign o’ the Times” pin. And why not? Hot Chip has another great song called “Down with Prince.”

Hot Chip

My faves of the night? “Shake a Fist,” “And I Was Boy from School,” “Night & Day,” “Over and Over,” “One Life Stand,” “Ready for the Floor,” “Everywhere,” “Crap Kraft Dinner,” “Hold On” and “I Feel Better.”

Hot Chip

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