Photos: Joan Osborne @ Skagit Valley Casino

It was well worth the 70-mile drive to see one of my all-time favorites – Joan Osborne – perform at the Skagit Valley Casino. She played a number of songs off her current album, Bring It On Home, a few from an album due out next year plus several off her first (1995), Relish. It was just Joan and Keith Cotton on piano doing a beautiful job on her final encore song, β€œOne Of Us.”


One thought on “Photos: Joan Osborne @ Skagit Valley Casino

  1. Thanks for the great pix. I saw Joan and Keith in Louisville KY a few days ago 12/26/2013 with a similar terrific show.

    If you haven’t already done so, visit and consider pledging toward Joan’s album in production. Contains some really cool ways to share in the production of her latest album (which will include songs you heard at your concert).

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