MP3 Downloads: YACHT, Dubious Ranger & Morningbell

YACHT sure has a lot of really cool songs. Somehow I have missed this band live and I will not make that mistake again next time they come to Seattle. When is that? September 14th with Hot Chip! Here’s “Le Goudron” for you to check out:

Le Goudron (edit).mp3

YACHT – Photo by Kirk Stauffer

San Francisco’s Dubious Ranger, who is the brain child of Alexander Eccles, describes itself as Ethiopian Horror-Funk. And jazz. And indie. Whatever it is, I love this song “The Mayor.”

The Mayor.mp3

Dubious Ranger

Last goodie of the day comes from Morningbell, a Gainsville, Florida band. They’ve put all five of their records online for you to listen to before you buy. We’ve got “You Think I Don’t Know, But I Know.”

You Think I Don’t Know, But I Know.mp3



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