Photos: Walk the Moon @ Showbox Market

Walk the Moon‘s performance as openers for Kaiser Chiefs was entirely enjoyable. I am sure this band has visited Seattle before, but this was my first time seeing them. They’re a quartet from Ohio who played a set of danceable and instantly attractive songs, ones that stuck with me in a very good way (have a peek at their video for “Anna Sun” and hear what I mean). Their music just makes me feel happy. If you missed the Seattle show and haven’t seen them live yet you can catch them on Jimmy Fallon tonight! Oh yeah, and they’ll also be at the Sasquatch! Music Festival.

Walk the Moon – all photos by Dagmar

Gallery of Walk the Moon @ the Showbox Market


3 thoughts on “Photos: Walk the Moon @ Showbox Market

  1. i seriously love this band! i saw them live about 8 months ago and they have grown tremendously in such a short amount of time, i’m so proud! They are the nicest, most down to earth band i’ve ever met… and i know their new album is going to explode! either way, i’ve got their back because i know they’d have mine. cheers to great music!

  2. Walk the Moon is awesome! I’ve been waiting for their debut album for a long time and now it’f finally coming out on 6/19 !! I can’t wait!!

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