MP3 Downloads: England in 1819, Cherub & Young Hines

England in 1819 bases itself in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, not England – although two of the band members, brothers Dan Callaway and Andrew Callawy grew up in England. The band’s new release, Alma, is jaw-dropping and you must buy it. First grab the track, “Air That We Once Breathed.”

Air That We Once Breathed.mp3

England in 1819

Tennessee’s Cherub comes to Seattle on April 22nd with K. Flay for a show at the Crocodile. Don’t miss them. “Doses and Mimosas” is another song I cannot stop listening to.

Doses and Mimosas.mp3


Last up in my all Southern edition, is Young Hines, another artist from Tennessee with a great voice. Here’s a download of “Rainy Day” from the forthcoming album, Give Me My Change.

Rainy Day.mp3

Young Hines– photo by Shelby Dockery


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