Show Preview: The Darkness & Foxy Shazam @ the Neptune

The Darkness are back! Last time they were here was several years ago, and tomorrow night – that’s Saturday, February 25th – you’ll be able to see them at the Neptune. The show is sold out, but I am going to urge you to turn up and see if you can get a ticket at the last minute. It will be among the smartest $25 you have ever spent. The band reunited last year, and new material is here, and on its way. Band front man Justin Hawkins knows it’s a resurgence, “It’s like the first time around, you know, all over again. The danger is when it gets old, you know, I mean, when you’re not hungry anymore when you’ve got to find a good creative way of motivating yourself, you know, and then not becoming kind of jaded by it and, you know, annoyed with the cycle.”

Opening will be Foxy Shazam, who’s got an awesome new album, The Church Of Rock And Roll. Get stoked.

The Darkness

Foxy Shazam


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