Show Preview: Dancing on the Valentine Seven (and the Ragged Tiger) @ the Crocodile, Fri. 2/10

It’s a rare thing for me to call special attention to a show happening the same night as a Back Beat Seattle show, but the annual event, Dancing on the Valentine, now in its seventh year, will be ONLY DURAN DURAN COVERS. This is a dream come true for me, and artists such as Katie Kate, Davidson Hart Kingsbery, Hotels, Noddy and Lesli Wood are set to perform. Plus the evening benefits The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Congratulations to the show’s organizer, Jenny George, for the event’s continued success. She is amazing. Also she’ll get to hear her favorite Duran Duran song performed by John Roderick. Great stuff.

The press release for the event explains:

For those unfamiliar with the tale, let’s go back a ways: a 12-year old girl is diagnosed with Leukemia, told she’ll never be able to have children, and told she probably won’t even make it past her next thirty days. Through long, arduous chemotherapy sessions, one group of friends is always with her, serenading her through the worst of it, and giving her hope in an otherwise hopeless situation. Those friends are Duran Duran. That girl- now a very much alive woman and dedicated mother- is Jenny George. Each of the past six years, Jenny has organized a benefit concert for her birthday (yes, Valentine’s Day) to celebrate another year she was told she would never see, celebrate the transformative power of great music, and – most importantly – to raise money to cure the disease she once endured and help the children going through what she once did.

This year’s benefit is particularly special, as it comes on the heels of Jenny achieving her lifelong dream of meeting Duran Duran in person. At a September concert in Everett, a nervous and excited Jenny went backstage to finally shake hands with Simon, Nick, John, and Roger – the friends who gave- and still give- her inspiration and something to believe in.

The benefit is named after a line from Duran Duran’s “The Reflex,” (You’ve gone too far this time/But I’m dancing on the Valentine,) so it’s fit and proper Duran Duran should be exclusively honored. Noddy has announced they’ll be doing “Red Carpet Massacre,” a rather new – and awesome – song.

For more information and ticket sales please go here. It’s only $15, and come on, it’s Duran Duran.

Duran Duran do “The Reflex”


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