Videos: Natalia Kills, Japan & Black Whales

I really love Natalia Kills. She’s brilliant. I want to post more videos on here because I get sent so many awesome ones, and I find awesome ones as well. First installment of the year includes Natalia Kills’ “Kill My Boyfriend.” Great video, and because I have a nail polish obsession it’s even better.

Another video for the new year is Japan‘s “Life in Tokyo.” Sure, it came out in 1979. I adore it. I adore everything about this band. Always have, always will.

And here is a brand new video from Seattle’s Black Whales. This made the rounds last week but the band posted this version as a “clearer” one earlier today on their Facebook page. Enjoy “Elephants”:

Elephant #2 from Black Whales on Vimeo.


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