MP3 Downloads: Brent Amaker & Shelby Earl

We’ve got two wonderful local artists, Brent Amaker and Shelby Earl sharing some mighty fine holiday music. First up is “A Very Brent Amaker Christmas,” a project Amaker worked on with engineer Jeff Stuart Saltzman. As Amaker explains:

Jeff and I spent one glorious day on November 8th, 2011 geeking out with 1980’s keyboard sounds and putting a song together. We used drum machine beats from an iPhone app for the intro and outro.

We included analog keyboard sounds from the soundtrack to Blade Runner, we added sleigh bells, and somehow managed to deliver the spirit of Christmas AND the spirit of The Rodeo in one fell swoop. What we ended up with is one messed up Sci-Fi Cowboy Christmas jam. The song is titled “A Very Brent Amaker Christmas”. I hope you like it!

Well, I love it.

A Very Brent Amaker Christmas.mp3

Brent Amaker – photo by Kelly O

Shelby Earl created “This Christmas Is For Us,” and with all star colleagues Faustine Hudson, Mike & Anna-Lisa Notter, Fidelia Schoolcraft, Barb Hunter, Ben Obee and Gabriel Mintz, wrapped it up. With a bow. To unwrap the present you’ve got two options: bandcamp or soundcloud.

Shelby Earl


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