MP3 Downloads: Wooden Wand & The Briarwood Virgins, Buffalo Killers & Marty Party

Led by James Jackson Toth, Kentucky’s Wooden Wand and The Briarwood Virgins give you “Big Mouth USA.” I think it is an amazing and guttural song. I caught Wooden Wand opening for Swans last year – would love to see this act live again.

Big Mouth USA.mp3

Wooden Wand – photo by Dagmar

Another song I’m recommending is “Love is Gold” by Buffalo Killers,a trio from Ohio.

Love is Gold.mp3

Buffalo Killers – photo Erin Volk

And last up is the great “Ice Cream Truck” from Marty Party. Enjoy.

Ice Cream Truck.mp3

Marty Party


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