Photos: Bumbershoot 2011 w/ Lemolo

Photographers Simon Krane and Kirk Stauffer caught Lemolo performing at two different locations at Bumbershoot this year. Lemolo is duo Meagan Grandall and Kendra Cox – they begin a West Coast tour on October 12th. They’ll also perform at City Arts Fest on October 22nd in Seattle.

Lemolo – photos by Kirk Stauffer

Lemolo – photos by Simon Krane

Lemolo photos by Kirk Stauffer


2 thoughts on “Photos: Bumbershoot 2011 w/ Lemolo

  1. I saw Lemolo play Bumbershoot and those ladies rocked it.
    Love ’em. They leave us wanting more!

  2. ooh laa laa – I love Lemolo. Your pictures of the shows are great! Thank you.

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