Photos: Dinosaur Feathers @ the Tractor Tavern

I don’t care if I sound pretty silly saying every so often I feel a little jaded going to shows and even listening to music. I honestly love a lot of music and yet certain things leave me cold. I admit that. But if I say a band’s music warms me up, well that sound is the kind of eclectic yet attractively peculiar romp Dinosaur Feathers creates. I’m also going to admit that this band’s name is what initially drew me to them. If you know me well you know I am interested in dinosaurs and all this new evidence scientists keep coming up with about them. So, enough about me. Dinosaur Feathers come from Brooklyn, New York. Unfortunately they are still there even though I would happily have them move to Seattle.

Dinosaur Feathers – all photos by Dagmar

Gallery of Dinosaur Feathers @ the Tractor


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