Show Review & Photos: Aruvius Thud @ the Rendezvous

Seattle’s Aruvius Thud played the Rendezvous on Wednesday evening, June 29th. The trio – Jeff Brown (guitar/vocals), Ryan Bak (bass/vocals) and Ben Sklarfowler (vocals/harp/bouzouki) – plays a striking and timeless music featuring an owl (the beautiful “Trapezoid”), inspiration from the novel/film Dune (the equally sensational “Spice Melange,” with stirringly elegant vocals), and the superb “In Times,” which you can check out below in their video of the song. “Ariadne’s Thread” is another one I loved, and you can hear that and others on their facebook page. Do yourself a big favor and check this band out, for no other reason than it’s not every day you see a harpist. But essentially what you’ll experience is the real deal, an amazing set of songs – plus you’ll receive the vibe of what Aruvius Thud calls folk/neo-classical. Whatever the name is you will love it.

Aruvius Thud
Review & photos by Dagmar

Gallery of Aruvius Thud @ the Rendezvous


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