Clean Water Foundation Presents: Tess and Carson Henley with Paula Boggs

If you would have told me last week that I was going to photograph a benefit for a clean water charity for needy children that rocked this hard I would have said you were crazy.

Leon McLaughlin, CEO of Clean Water Foundation, gathered two fantastic groups that blew the roof off the Paragon on Queen Anne. Paula Boggs opened the show with a combination of rock & R&B, peppered with a tasty serving of sexy Jazz. We all knew Paula was having too much fun when she broke out the Led Zeppelin. Truthfully, I’m not sure the Paragon knew what to do with that combination, but it definitely worked for me.

Leon McLaughlin of Clean Water Foundation

Paula Boggs Band

I wasn’t very familiar with Tess and Carson Henley before this show, but I quickly understood why the Paragon was so packed. The Henley’s took to the stage like a thief in the night. They grabbed it by the neck and never let go. The Henley’s gave the crowd some funky R&B and sweet soul that demanded our allegiance. The diverse crowd ate it up. Leon described the show as HOT, HOT, HOT and I couldn’t agree more.

Tess and Carson Henley

Clean Water Foundation

Were we there just to listen to great music? No. Leon McLaughlin gathered these talented musicians to draw attention to his incredible and worthy charity, the Clean Water Foundation. Leon traveled extensively throughout the Americas and learned just how rare good, clean water really is. Leon was traveling for pleasure, but he was alarmed that the clean water that most of us take for granted was not something readily available to the people he came across in his travels. He knew that he had to do something.

Leon went back to school, retrained himself, and has been integral in creating small, portable water purification systems that can clean 750 gallons of water per hour.

The Clean Water Foundation has now teamed up with World Vision to install 20 machines in schools and hospitals in Latin America. They have lofty goals for the future. They won’t be satisfied until they install at least 60 machines worldwide.

Clean water has become an expectation in America, but in many countries it’s still a pipe dream. If you would like more information on the Clean Water Foundation or can help in any way, please visit

Leon McLaughlin
Paul Boggs
Tess Henley
Carson Henley

Photographer: John Rudolph


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