Show Review: Patton Oswalt @ the Moore

Comedian Patton Oswalt performed for a very appreciative audience at the Moore on Saturday night. Oswalt, who did two sets in a row, chose Seattle as the spot to film and record his new Showtime special and CD/DVD.

Oswalt paced his stories well – ultimately he is an excellent storyteller. Topics included his experiences living in New York (while walking his French Bulldog he interrupted a crackhead ready to give a blowjob), his wish to play the dumbest gay best friend ever in film, and watching Jerry Maguire with his brother on Christmas Eve. I also enjoyed his set on the circus, where he commented that “a clown is a transvestite that doesn’t stop.”

Oswalt spots the odd in life. He sketches pictures with his comedy. I could visualize his incident at the supermarket when he described a morbidly obese man buying up all the ham, as well as the man on the airplane vomiting. “What a horrible thing to be great at,” Oswalt opined. Oswalt may not care what you think about what he says – he’s ready to pan religion – and the audience dug that. Even when he’s asserting that every romantic comedy should be called Trying to Fuck, Oswalt’s humor is never cruel just for the sake of a laugh or two. It observes and extrapolates.

Patton Oswalt – photo courtesy of Oswalt’s Facebook

Review by Dagmar


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