MP3 Downloads: Agnes Obel, the Hush Now & the Idle Hands

Agnes Obel is a Danish musician whose debut, Philharmonics, was released last year. We’ve got a song from it called “Brother Sparrow” to share. What a lovely voice.

Brother Sparrow.mp3

Agnes Obel – photo by Mali Lazell

Sure, “On Holiday” from The Hush Now is a holiday song, but that doesn’t stop me from listening to it as if it’s just a regular song. I’ve been listening to it actually for a few months and I didn’t even realize it was a holiday song, until I really listened to the lyrics.

Cover art for the Hush Now‘s “On Holiday”

On Holiday.mp3

Heck I love this song, “Socialite Death Squad” by The Idle Hands. They’re from Minneapolis, and if their other songs are like this I must get everything they do.

Socialite Death Squad.mp3

The Idle Hands – photo by Melissa Johnson


One thought on “MP3 Downloads: Agnes Obel, the Hush Now & the Idle Hands

  1. Hi Dagmar and Back Beat Seatle,

    Wasn’t sure how best to get in touch, but since you enjoy last years “On Holiday,” i wanted to you get our latest holiday track, “Happy New Year, Dear” which was recorded during our Memos tracking. It’a available for free download for folks.

    Thanks again and happy holidays,
    Noel from The Hush Now

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