MP3 Downloads: Holcombe Waller, Young Galaxy & Break Science

Holcombe Waller‘s coming to Seattle on May 30th. The Portland musician releasedInto the Dark Unknown , his fourth album, just this year. Check out the beautiful “Risk of Change” below:

Risk of Change.mp3

Holcombe Waller

Is it dream pop? What do you know about that genre? Canada’s Young Galaxy is often called dream pop, whatever you want to think that is. I do enjoy this song, “Cover Your Tracks”:

Cover Your Tracks.mp3

Young Galaxy

Somebody needs to put Break Science up for the night around May 23rd – their tour skirts all over the region, but then cuts off around May 22nd very close to Seattle. Anyway. Have a listen to their remix of Nicki Miniaj’s “Moment 4 Life”:

Moment 4 Life (Break Science Remix).mp3

Break Science – photo by Arthur Shim


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