Show Preview: British Sea Power @ Neumos, Sat. 4/2

British Sea Power will bring their uniquely cerebral guitar daredevilry to Neumos April 2 as one of the first stops on their U.S. tour. Prior to newest release Valhalla Dancehall, the band toured the UK with Manic Street Preachers- an odd pairing on the outset, but not so much considering the bookish yet fiery nature of both groups. (The audiences must have been a fascinating clash of lager-swilling punters and well-read introspective types). Either way, there’s something remarkable about any band that has made a career of weaving “I wrote elegiac stanzas for you” or “I’m a big fan of the local library” into anthems.

British Sea Power

Some may recall the band’s first major Seattle show at the Crocodile with The Turn-Ons circa 2004: aside from a memorable abundance of foliage on stage, lead singer Yan launched into a few headstands, and Eamon (wearing a pith helmet) leapt from the stage and charged through the unsuspecting crowd while beating a marching drum. They’re just that type of band- their music’s raucous and gripping, like a book you love so much you just want to throw it in a fit of passionate aggression or like a stage you feel compelled to leap from.

Valhalla Dancehall is the most authentic and inspired rock record released so far this year. Early reports say the current tour is heavy on the new material, with nods to each of their previous efforts. BSP’s live shows are not to be missed- get tickets HERE and check out this superb clip of “Who’s In Control?” from March 21 on The Late Show with David Letterman:




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