Show Preview: Smile Brigade @ the Sunset Tavern & Magic Mirrors @ the High Dive, Th. 12/16

Smile Brigade is headlining tonight at the Sunset Tavern with what they are telling me will be a Holiday show, involving Santa. Sounds very good indeed. I am totally remiss in reviewing their CD, Do You Come Here Often? and I am ashamed as it’s a fabulous CD. Their song, “singsong,” sounds especially great. I’ve heard it a live a number of times and it’s great to be able to have it playing whenever I want. I recommend this show. You can get more details here, on the revamped Sunset Tavern site.

Smile Brigade

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I hate pitting shows against each other, but here I go! If you’re in Fremont you can catch another show I recommend, the Magic Mirrors at the High Dive. They’ll be headlining the bill with Mystery Ship and Stereo Sons, and if you like the rock, you should check it out.

The Magic Mirrors – photo by Jack Knecht & Isaiah Eyre

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