CD Review: When We Were Wild by The Orbans

I love getting a CD and knowing nothing at all about the band that made it. Recently I received a CD called When We Were Wild by the Orbans, who turn out to be a band from Forth Worth, Texas. I say recently, when I mean a few months ago – sometimes I need to wait on discussing a CD to see if I still really like it after hearing it repeatedly and for an extended time. This music has staying power. I love every single song on it; all twelve songs (plus the bonus “Cover Your Ears”) are damn great and the kind of songs that if I heard on the radio I’d want to know immediately who did them. “Songs We Sang” has such a gorgeous feeling to it, as does “Were Her” (You remind me/of my first home), and “Don’t Lose Yourself” stretches the soul of country and rock together perfectly. Also “Barely Someone Known” is wonderfully classic. I can’t get over this CD. You want to peg it as americana, then go right ahead. It’s also got some blues aspects to it, especially in “Alibi” and “Go”. “Mother” is moving as well, and I need to say thank you to the Orbans for making such a subtle and winning CD in When We Were Wild.

When Were Wild – The Orbans


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