MP3 Downloads: My Other Friend, MikIX the Cat, Shellshag & darlings

My first MP3 to share is “Beast,” by Brooklyn’s My Other Friend. It’s rock, it’s excellent, it’s just damn good listening.

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My Other Friend – photo by Nick Lorden

Next is a Parisian artist who goes by the name of MikIX the Cat. Naturally I was going to listen to anything involving a cat, and fortunately it turned out to be a great tune with vocals from Shannon [“Let the Music Play”] called “The Key”.

The Key.mp3
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MikIX the Cat

I posted a song by Shellshag on the mp3 downloads feature I’ve got going on here before (Crashing Rockets.mp3) and now they’ve struck my fancy again with “Resiliant Bastard”.

Resiliant Bastard.mp3
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And finally here’s “Big Girl,” by New Yorkers darlings, another band I want to hear more from.


Big Girl
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