Photos: Wild Flag’s First-Ever Show @ The Northern

It seems an age ago now, but November 10th marked the live debut of a very special band – Wild Flag. Comprised of Carrie Brownstein, Mary Timony, Rebecca Cole, and Janet Weiss from other riotously successful bands as Sleater-Kinney, Asia, and Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, it is still something of a surprise that the group decided to play their first gig at Olympia’s The Northern, a tiny all-ages venue that was jam-packed full of riot grrrls and fanboys, to the point of overflowing.

Not only did the show rock, with frontwoman Carrie Brownstein’s yips, snarls and giggles enough to win over any naysayer, but the band showed humility as well, saying “‘We’re really happy to be playing for you”, and (regarding the gaggle of dancers in the front rows) “For a non-dance band, it’s very impressive; it validates the fact that we make music”.

And if that wasn’t charm enough?  Take in the note-passing (“That’s going in the scrapbook.  We’ll have to get a scrapbook first…it’s like updating Facebook!”), fleeting “omgwe’reactuallyplayingashow” glances, giggling and unabashed tacking lyrics and chords to the floor/walls/wherever may aid the spirit of these DIY-rockers, and you can’t help but be moved by the energy and passion this quartet possess.

The band is well within the last legs of their debut tour, and personally I can’t wait for it to end – someone get these girls back into the studio and lay down some tracks, stat!









Working setlist:


Endless ???

Short Version

Glass Tambo

Future Crimes

Oh Yeah

Dance 2

Best Friend


Electric Band

Dirty Water


You can view more photos from this night in music history here.

By Nicky Andrews


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