Show Preview: the Drums, Surfer Blood & the Dewars @ Neumos, Mon. 10/4

The Drums and Surfer Blood are here on Monday! This seems like a co-headlining tour to me, where they could swap every night on who goes first. But it looks like the Drums are the headlining act, and I am eager to see them for the first time. Last month the Drums recently lost guitarist Adam Kessler, who left the band, so they’re showing super courage in continuing their tour.

the Drums

I’ve seen Surfer Blood twice and jeez I love them. I fully support what seems to be an obsession with cats caught on video eating people food. Their song “Swim (To Reach the End)” was stuck in my head for I swear about two weeks and remained something I enjoyed. I encourage you to get their debut LP, Astro Coast.

Surfer Blood‘s John Paul Pitts – photo by Dagmar

Like Surfer Blood, the Dewars come from Florida. I wasn’t prepared to like a song of theirs called “Pedophile Pete,” but I listened and actually did like it. These guys are really very good – get there early to hear them. My interest is also just a little piqued by the eclectic bands they list as influences:

Syd Barrett * Talking Heads * Gorillas * Violent Femmes * Faust * Bob Dylan * Townes van Zandt * Leonard Cohen * Talk Talk * Tim Buckley * Nirvana * Nina Simone * Spiritualized * Radiohead * Fela Kuti * Meat Puppets * Velvet Underground * The Fall * Naseer Shamma * TOm Waits * Beatles * Stooges * Captain Beefheart * Wilco * Dolly Parton (pre-1975) * Daniel Johnston * Nick Drake * the Frogs * The The * John Cale * Joy Division * Outkast *

the Dewars


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