MP3 Downloads: Pin Me Down, Shit Robot & Sébastian Tellier

I’ve got remixes of three songs to share this time around. The first song is “Curious,” by duo Pin Me Down. The band is comprised of Bloc Party’s Russell Lissack and Black Moustache’s Milena Mepris. Their self-titled debut came out in April.

Curious (Co-Pilots Remix).mp3

Pin Me Down – photo by Justine Ungaro

Shit Robot‘s From the Cradle to the Rave is an awesome CD. Here’s one song from it for you to test, “I Found Love”:

I Found Love (Edit).mp3

Shit Robot

The third song is from Sébastian Tellier, and it’s another great dancing song – “Kilometer” (A-Track Remix) off Sexuality:

Kilometer (A-Track Remix).mp3

Sébastian Tellier


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