Show Preview: Monotonix & Pierced Arrows @ the High Dive

Israeli scorchers Monotonix take on Seattle this Saturday, July 10th for a show at the High Dive. Fremont’s High Dive has quite a narrow entrance from the bar to the stage, and I would be quite curious to see what use they will make of this small hallway. I’ve seen them a couple times and they are not only very, very good but they make rock scary. There’s nothing wrong with combining amusement ride terror and music, right? Fire? Check. Climbing the walls? Check. Getting naked and throwing garbage at people? Check. The band’s performance was famously shut down when they performed at Bumbershoot a couple years ago, and they take their show to the surrounding streets of wherever they are playing. They’re also interesting guys. The show will most likely feature some songs from their new 7-inches, Never Died Before/Lazy Boy and Fun Fun Fun/Try Try Try.

mono_comet 001
Yanatan Gat of Monotonix – photo by Dagmar

Pierced Arrows are coming up from Portland, Oregon to open. Expect them to bring a sizable draw by themselves.

Pierced Arrows – photo by Simone Muller

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