MP3 Downloads: Shellshag, Setting Sun, John Prine, Salmon Thrasher & Peggy Sue

Shellshag will be in Seattle on June 21st for a show at the Comet. Have a listen to Crashing Rockets from the Brooklyn band’s new album, Rumors in Disguise: Crashing Rockets.mp3


I have a problem with Setting Sun‘s Make You Feel. I can’t stop listening to it due to no fault of its own – okay wait a minute, it is kind of the song’s fault: Make You Feel.mp3

Setting Sun – photo by Amber S. Clark

John Prine is a Nashville-based country musician. I never heard of him before I got this song, Long Monday sent to me. I really like this song. Even if you don’t like country music please don’t turn away. Give it a try: Long Monday.mp3

John Prine

And here’s a song to be proud of, Bad Blood by Seattle band Salmon Thrasher:
Bad Blood.mp3
Salmon Thrasher

Also check out Yo Mama off Peggy Sue‘s recent release, Fossils and Other Phantoms:
Yo Mama.mp3

Peggy Sue – photo by Patrick Ford


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