Show Preview: Cage the Elephant, 22-20s & AutoVaughn @ Showbox Market, Th. June 17th

In a lineup straight from the gods, Cage the Elephant headlines with support from 22-20s and AutoVaughn tomorrow night, Thursday June 17th. Why am I so excited about this show? Well, for starters it’s about 22-20s, a band I fell shamelessly in love with in 2005 or so and whose debut album fell in my top albums of the 2000s. And then they split up but suddenly reformed about 2 years ago. Their second CD, Shake/Shiver/Moan is perfection and I got to interview their singer/songwriter/guitarist Martin Trimble just yesterday.

22-20s‘ Martin Trimble – photo by Dagmar

The show tomorrow also pops with Cage the Elephant, who win people over everywhere they go and AutoVaughn, who won over a tough crowd, and me, when I saw them open for a hardened Portugal. The Man audience. Check out their song, Hi Lo.

Cage the Elephant – photo by Amber Barni

AutoVaughn – photo by Dagmar

While the Showbox site says there are no tickets left, keep trying. You might get lucky.

22-20s – Bitter Pills from tbd records on Vimeo.

AutoVaughn – The Cycles


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