Show Preview: See Me River CD Release @ the Tractor, Th. 5/20

See Me River releases their CD, The One That Got Awake at the Tractor this Thursday, May 20th. They’ll be sandwiched between S (Jenn Ghetto) and Grand Archives, whom I recommend as well, but CD releases are always particularly special shows. All that effort in making music and then actually producing it and getting the product out. It’s a big deal. I have been listening to the CD and so far my favorite tracks are Pasithea Will Try and A Drink to the Kids (I’ll have a drink to the kids we’ll never have . . .). Pasithea is the goddess of hallucinations – who knew? I said it before and I am going to say it again, Kerry Zettel’s got an evil voice. This is a good thing.


Get your tix here.


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