MP3 Downloads: Mountain Song by Treetop Flyers, Hi Lo by AutoVaughn & Just Another Alien by Costanza

Londoners Treetop Flyers released To Bury the Past last year. The EP includes Mountain Song, which has been playing on my iPod. A lot.

Treetop Flyers – photo by Richie Hopson

Mountain Song.mp3
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AutoVaughn is a Nashville band. I saw them recently with Portugal. The Man and really enjoyed their stuff. They’ll be back in Seattle on June 17th with Cage the Elephant and 22-20s. Recommended show. Here’s their song, Hi Lo.

Hi Lo.mp3
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AutoVaughn bassist, Ben Graham – photo by Dagmar

Costanza, a Brooklyn artist and owner of ZerOKilled Music, put the US D156-Immigration Form to music: Just Another Alien. And she adds, “Have you ever been a human being?” I think it’s pretty amazing.


Just Another Alien.mp3

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& here’s the video:


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