Show Review & Photos: Kate Nash @ Neumos

I saw Kate Nash perform at Neumos on Friday night and to people who complain that seeing some bands live is just like listening to the CD, you should check out Kate Nash. I was alarmed and pleased by her varied set and her aggression. She took the stage angrily after an audience member had thrown something at her opening band, Supercute. I heard a bottle fall loudly, that might have been it – I don’t know. But whoever throws stuff at bands is a loser. I am with Nash on this for sure. I would guess that in support Nash wore a Supercute shirt, as did her entire band. As for Nash’s performance, I think my favorite moments were I’ve Got a Secret and Mansion Song. She’s fabulous at the sweeter-sounding songs, but to see her do something harder and overall darker was very cool as well. Nash is developing and unafraid to try new tones; her energy is unsettling – this is good. It’s good to be shaken up. At times you’d almost be forgiven if you thought you were hearing Karen Finley – and this is very good as well. Some photos:









review & photos by Dagmar

Gallery of Kate Nash @ Neumos

I also came across a video of Mansion Song from Saturday night – check it out here.


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