MP3 Downloads: The Knocks, Shout Out Louds, See Green, Savoir Adore & ZLOX

The Knocks, an Essex band -that’s outside of London if you don’t know- has come out with a song I really dig called Blackout. They describe Essex as “the home of the unsafe kebab”.

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Shout Out Louds will be in Seattle on May 15th. Before then take a listen to the Fontän Rework of Walls.

Shout Out Louds

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See Green‘s EP Violet features the song Goldmine. Man, Courtenay Green has a gorgeous voice.

See Green

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I’ve also got the delicious Bodies by Brooklyn duo Savoir Adore

Savoir Adore

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On May 15th eXpo is holding a show in New York, but even if you are not there you can hear music from the bands. Their compilation of Chinese electronic artists is available now. ZLOX is one of the featured musicians. Here’s Song of Night.

Song of Night.mp3
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