Show Review & Photos: Saint Motel @ the Crocodile

I think Saint Motel‘s song “Butch” should be a big, big, big hit. When singer A/J Jackson starts in with oh no there she goes, dressed up in daddy’s clothes I am sucked in. I was listening to them before I saw them on Thursday and wish I had listened to them even more ahead of time. Their songs are definitely catchy and I want to get to know it all much better. Their music reminds me, in some ways, of one of my favorite Brit bands, Mansun, and like the other two bands on the evening’s bill (Band of Skulls and 22-20s) I expect to hear more from them.














Saint Motel – review & all photos by Dagmar

Gallery of Saint Motel @ the Crocodile


One thought on “Show Review & Photos: Saint Motel @ the Crocodile

  1. I loved watching the skeptical crowd eye Saint Motel warily, as they said to themselves “oh here we go, the crappy opening band we have to suffer through until BAND OF SKULLS (insert bobbing head rock here)”, but it didn’t matter to Saint Motel. They took the stage and with charmed their way along. Their music was awesome, but beyond the sweet harmonies, catchy chorus, insurgent youth lyrics, and the drummer who sang along, they had a tangible charisma to them. I watched the crowd unthaw as A/J let them know there “is pleanty of room right here up front. I mean you could drive a truck up here” and to move on up! He was charming his bees; maybe it was his smile, or the smoke in the air, but soon the crowd was waving in harmony humming and entranced. It was amazing and wonderful. We all felt like part of this new discovery and that we were seeing something really special for the first time.

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