MP3 Downloads: Cold Bones by Golden Triangle, Telephone by the Morning Pages & Hitchhike by Deerhoof

I just got hold of the song Cold Bones by Golden Triangle, a sextet from Brooklyn. I like it a lot. It’s fast and comes with deep vocals. On their MySpace they list crawfish, trashcans, muddy waters and handjobs as influences. I don’t want to get in their way.

Golden Triangle – photo by Carly Sioux

Cold Bones by Golden Triangle
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Fellow Brooklyn, New Yorkers, the Morning Pages, decided to cover Lady Gaga.

the Morning Pages – photo by Ginny Maxwell

Here’s their cover of Telephone:

Telephone.mp3 by the Morning Pages
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I think it’s excellent and it also shows again how strong Lady Gaga’s songwriting is. Here’s her original as performed on Jonathan Ross.

‘s also done an awesome cover. This one’s of a Kleenex/LiLi PUT song, Hitchhike. Enjoy.


Hitchhike by Deerhoof
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