Photos: Shim, the Spinning Whips & Paris Spleen @ Wig Bash 2010

Wig Bash 2010 was tons of fun. Thank you Ashley and the bands, Shim, the Spinning Whips, Paris Spleen & Telepathic Liberation Army for putting on such a great show. I think these bands went really well together, so excellent job, Ashley of gathering some fine bands and fine people in one spot! But I am sorry I did not make the show in time to get pix of Telepathic Liberation Army.

wigbash10 317

wigbash10 200

wigbash10 365

wigbash10 300

wigbash10 287

wigbash10 228

wigbash10 302

wigbash10 044

wigbash10 056

wigbash10part2 283

wigbash10 084

wigbash10 110

wigbash10part2 330
the Spinning Whips

wigbash10part2 188

wigbash10part2 166

wigbash10part2 086

wigbash10part2 047

wigbash10part2 249
Paris Spleen
all photos by Dagmar

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