Photos: Spoon, Deerhunter & Micachu & the Shapes @ the Moore

Spoon, Deerhunter and Micachu & the Shapes played the Moore last night. If you missed the show they play again tonight. Get there early, like about 6 pm as show starts at 6:30 pm. Alex Crick was there and brought back his gorgeous pix. These are some seriously awesome bands to shoot:

Spoon 01

Spoon 04

Spoon 02

Spoon 05

Spoon 03

Micachu and the Shapes 01

Micachu and the Shapes 02

Micachu and the Shapes 03

Micachu and the Shapes 04
Micachu & the Shapes

Deerhunter 01

Deerhunter 03

Deerhunter 04

Deerhunter 05

Deerhunter 06

Deerhunter 07

Deerhunter 08


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