Photos & Show Review: Five for Fighting with Matt Wertz @ Neumos

Five For Fighting
Five for Fighting

I’ve been a fan of Five for Fighting ever since I heard Superman 10 years ago. Their performance at Neumos was socially conscious and patriotic all without being preachy or flag-waving. Many times when we review these shows, we use phrases like “rocked the house”, or “tore the walls down”. This isn’t the case with Five for Fighting; however, John Ondrasik’s soaring falsetto enveloped the audience with a soulful and haunting melody.

Five For Fighting

John Ondrasik opened with World, where he set the tone for the evening that all possibilities are endless and your world is what you make of it. He made a perfect transition into Chances from his new album, Slice. He encouraged us all to take risks when he told us that “It’s all about taking the swing—there’s beauty in the scars.”

Five For Fighting

We went into 65 Mustang , where he reminded us of the story of our youth when we got our first car and rode into our future. We all had cars like that; mine being a green 1968 Firebird, and we often look back on those days with fondness and just smile.

Five For Fighting

During the second half of the show Ondrasik sang Freedom Never Cries, which reminded me of my sister Michele who is alone with 4 kids while her husband is in Afghanistan fighting for our freedom. She does as all military wives do: selflessly puts on a strong face while playing the role of mom and dad to her wonderful kids.

Five For Fighting

Neumos did a great job of putting on the show and Five for Fighting played flawlessly. John Ondrasik and Five for Fighting could easily fill KeyArena but we were lucky enough to see them in a more intimate setting.

Five For FightingFive for FightingFive For Fighting

Matt Wertz – Opening for Five For Fighting

Truthfully, I didn’t know that much about Matt before the show but his performance left me wanting more.

During the show, I had the unique experience of being positioned between his friends and family on my left and his screaming young female fans on my right. I could hear the swooning young girls yelling “Marry Me Matt!!” and his friends chuckling as they echoed the sentiments.
Matt WertzMatt Wertz

Photographer: John Rudolph


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