RIP & Videos: Corey Haim

Late night and late morning for me and I have woken up to the news that Canadian actor Corey Haim has died at 38. Why am I talking about a deceased actor on a music site? One, because I want to. Two, because he did this crushingly memorable bit in the Lost Boys, singing Clarence “Frogman” Henry’s Ain’t Got No Home in the tub:


Haim also starred with Corey Feldman in the Two Coreys, which was a brilliant and touching reality show about their friendship. It was not exploitative and their therapy sessions were raw and moving. When Haim read cruel comments about himself on the Internet it actually hurt him, and it was such an honest attempt at a reality show.

The Thrills also memorialized him in: Whatever Happened to Corey Haim?


One thought on “RIP & Videos: Corey Haim

  1. He was amazing in a lot of ways and will be missed by many. If only he got this attention while he was alive.

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