Show Review & Photos: Four Tet, Nathan Fake and Er Don @ Chop Suey

Kieran Hebden/Four Tet played to a sold-out crowd at Chop Suey Tuesday night, as part of his tour to promote his latest release, There Is Love In You. What better a way to stay out of the rain than to take in the expansive sounds of his folktronica beats, along with an enthusiastic crowd?


Hebden boasts an impressive resume, including opening for Radiohead, and executing innovative remixes for some of my favourite artists, including Super Furry Animals, Bloc Party, and Thom Yorke.


Unfortunately, this gig didn’t quite do it for me – layered beats aside, Hebden’s stage performance really did come down to one man and his laptop, and other electronic acts I have seen live usually pump things up through their use of lighting, live vocals and at least one instrument.  I remain impressed by Hebden’s ability to pull everything together, but I think I prefer a livelier concert experience.


Four Tet was prefaced by two support acts, the first of which was Seattle’s own eR DoN/Robert Nelson.  Flanked by Truckasauras’ Tyler Swan on the drums, Nelson’s intricate mixes created a winning formula to get people moving on the dance floor.  I will definitely be investigating his releases!


Second up to the plate was Nathan Fake, also hailing from the UK.  Fake released an album last year titled Hard Islands, and he too proved popular with the crowd – I definitely felt the floor get a little more packed during his immense set!


You can view more photos here.

By Nicky Andrews


One thought on “Show Review & Photos: Four Tet, Nathan Fake and Er Don @ Chop Suey

  1. I was at that show and I think the fact that it was Four Tet and his laptop made it all the better. I hear what you are saying about more can be better, but I really think his brand of Intelligent Dance Music has an accent on ‘intelligent’.
    I was entranced with his thoughtful composition and masterful foreplay to his heavier bass/beats.
    Everyone in the crowd was cheering and yelling for more at the end of his set and many an inspired whoop came from the crowd during his performance.
    I think his set at Chop Suey created more motion than the other two sets, but the motion was mainly internal.

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