Photos & Review: Anvil @ Studio Seven

Anvil rocked Seattle at Studio Seven on Friday, February 12th. What a great show, eh?! Steve “Lips” Kudlow, Rob Reiner, and Glenn Five blistered the stage with rude, crude, old-school metal and the crowd ate it up. Lips smirked as he played his guitar with a gold vibrator as he has done for years now. There was plenty of long hair, leather, and rocker horn signs for even the most hard core metal head.
Lips Plays Dildo 3
Seeing Anvil takes me back to a time in the late 70’s and early 80’s when we cruised cool cars on hot summer nights. Kids with long hair and ripped jeans piled in freshly polished muscle cars, cruisin Puyallup and Renton with heavy metal blaring into the night’s sky. Our music collection consisted of the old standards: Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest, and Anvil. Yes . . . this Anvil.

Lips Speaking into Guitar

Lips and Rob played hard and fast like they did on “Metal on Metal”. Rob Reiner rocked the obligatory 10 minute metal drum solo, with the crowd screaming, shouting and spewing exultant expletives. Glenn Five joined Anvil in 1994 and he was one of the most animated figures I’ve seen on bass. He played powerfully and demanded and got the full attention of the crowd.
Rob Reiner Jammin_filtered
After the show, Rob, Lips, and Glenn entertained the appreciative crowd with a meet and greet where they signed t-shirts and posed for pictures. These three guys are just the nicest fricken band ever, eh?! They were great about speaking with the fans and they genuinely seemed pleased that we wanted to spend time with them. As we walked out of the show Tom, Kim, and I commented on how much fun the show was. We left Studio Seven that evening feeling entertained, musically sated and looking forward to our next Anvil show in Seattle.
Bass Intense Eyes_filtered
Bass Jammin2
Rob Reiner Pointing
Lips Smirk

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