Photos: Kids and Animals @ the Crocodile

With justice Kids and Animals will be one of the next big things in Seattle. In my world they already are. I will disclose right away that guitarist Adam Gaciarz is a contributor to this site so I will get that out of the way. I also want to get out of the way that these musicians are still in their late teens – not that this matters to me and it shouldn’t when listening to music – but there’s a lot more criticism of bands when they’re young. Either you’re in the camp that wants to take them down a peg or two just because you can or you want to encourage them for their potential development. I am really in neither camp but perhaps leaning more towards the latter. But don’t forget how young many musicians are when they put out their best material. Quite a few, like scientists (not all!) have hit their creative potential by the ripe old age of 40.

So, what do I like about Kids and Animals? Leland Corley’s edgy, yet coursing vocals and all the guitars are tender and wicked. I am going to write more about the songs in a review of their self-titled LP soon. Right now though, photos!:








all photos by Dagmar

Gallery of Kids and Animals @ the Crocodile

Kids and Animals will be on KEXP on February 18th at 9:30 am – music types, please wake up early. They will also appear at the Comet on February 19th.


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