Photos: Discs of Fury Rock Opera @ the Crocodile

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Discs of Fury performed their Rock Opera on Saturday and what a unique and fun experience it was to witness. The Crocodile was a fantastic venue for this event as it has a long stage and curtains in the back for the performers to appear from. I had never seen Discs of Fury before but We Wrote the Book on Connectors told me about this show (photos of We . . . soon) and after I checked out their MySpace I was hooked. The songs are actually great and I have never seen anything quite like this band. There were sword fights, love songs, a Bat Lord, screaming guitar solos, a foxy hero and a foxy heroine, as well as a Betty Page seductress. I don’t know how frequently Discs of Fury play – their show is intricate indeed – but I would go anytime, anywhere to see them.

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all photos by Dagmar

Gallery of Discs of Fury @ the Crocodile


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